What is a Bitcoin Fragment?

Fragment is a coalition governing a fraction of the reserve made up of 2 roles:

  1. Judge: Queries the state and proposes a tx for signers.

  2. Signer: Verifies the state and signs on the tx proposed by the Judge

Fragments are tx forwarders, who do not intend to hold custody of your funds. The security of client funds is determined by the relay capacity of the fragment.

Judges do not sign in a multi-sig. Their role is to download the chain snapshot, propose a valid tx for signatures and reveal a hash pre-image to validate the transaction, once all the signatures are submitted.

Signers are not responsible to propose a tx, instead they sign on the transaction provided by the Judge. If the Judge creates an invalid transaction, signers may submit an event to slash the judge.

The protocol assumes a set of globally distributed signatories communicating over a distributed synchronous p2p network, such that they may propagate their signatures asynchronously without relying on a centralised server.

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